Nevada students deserve the best education, and for decades, our state has failed to deliver. I believe in offering choices and opportunities to students from all walks of life, as well as ensuring that trade school opportunities are treated with the same importance as college opportunities.


High quality, high paying jobs are the bedrock of any major city – I have spent my life creating jobs like that and I know how to make sure that Nevada continues to stay on a path that keeps us the #1 state in the nation for private sector job growth.


As a business owner, I know what it takes to make something from the ground up, to start small but dream big. Nevada should never punish anyone for owning or starting a business and all too often the professional politicians in Carson City fail to realize the implications of their actions. I will be a proud advocate for business, and I will always do everything in my power to prevent anti-business bills from becoming anti-business laws.


It’s no secret that Nevada’s infrastructure, while improving, is still badly outdated. Connecting Nevada with roads, bridges, highways and walkways must be a priority. Having spent more than two decades in the construction business, I can tell you with certainty that we have the tools and the manpower to make Nevada have the best infrastructure in the country. I will make it my priority in the Assembly to ensure we are actually looking into ways we can improve and update the infrastructure in the places it is so badly needed.